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Hi There!

I'm Steph...and I'm glad you're here.

Grab a cup of coffee and stay a while!  

I'm a homebody that loves to travel, and a social introvert.

I'm a little bit crunchy and I love tacos.

My vibe is that of a Taurus, INFJ & Enneagram 4.

I have a passion for anything outdoors, and a slight wild side that feeds off of a good adrenaline rush. I yearn for adventure, traveling and exploring new places and cultures.  Yet I love to spend time at home in the bathtub and can get immersed in the words of a good novel for hours. I enjoy creating all things, whether it's artwork, jewelry, pottery, cooking...working with my hands calms my soul.

Stephanie Lee Moore coaching and Find Your North was developed by my own journey of experiences, failures, ah-ha moments, and trying to figure out this thing called life along the way.  I went to 4 colleges, changed my major 6 times, went through a dozen career changes looking for the "thing," the right fit for me.  But I was always listening to what others told me I should be doing, instead of following my own heart and intuition. In the end, and what brought me here, was finally listening to that nudge, knowing that there was something more I was meant to do.

I wanted to find my north, what left me feeling inspired and fulfilled at the end of the day.

God kept giving me nudges, losing my mom to cancer while pregnant with my first daughter, other's lives around me being cut short far too soon & going through my own difficult health battle of neurological lyme disease...all reminding me that life can change in the blink of an eye. 

So now, I always remind myself- you only have one life. 

Are you living it the way you want to?  

Life is too short to have regret.  

Have the champagne, eat the cake, jump in the mud, go on adventures, love hard with all you have and never, ever give up.

Find your north and go after it.

I hope to talk with you soon,

Peace & abundance,



Steph lives in the country with her husband, 3 kids, and 3 black labs. Her corporate gig is a full-time

technology sales executive, and sometimes assisting with her husbands company Moore Outdoors.


For inquiries e-mail

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