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I'm Steph, a seasoned photographer who has evolved from capturing cherished moments in wedding & portrait photography, to delving into the dynamic world of brand and travel photography.

I have a passion for adventure, including exploring my own backyard of NE Wisconsin & beyond, and I love partnering with brands to help showcase their establishment and what makes them unique. Whether you're a hidden gem local coffee shop, quirky bed & breakfast, or luxury resort, I'm here to craft visuals that tell your brand's unique story in the most captivating way possible to draw in your audience and potential clients.

I am that person, who is always planing my next adventure and looking online for new locations to explore, places to stay, and local dining establishments (coffee & cocktails too) and understand how important strong visuals and images are in your marketing efforts.

For product-based businesses, I specialize in showcasing your offerings in the most compelling light, highlighting the true essence of your products along with conveying the unique value your brand and products bring to the table. As an outdoor and wellness enthusiast, I enjoy partnering with brands that I love and use- those that enhance our time in the great outdoors and help us perform as, and feel like our best selves. Whether you need studio shots for your online store, or lifestyle images for your social media and marketing (or both!), I'm here to bring your products to life.

Join me on this journey where we bring your brand to life and showcase the heart of your organization through creative & captivating photography.

Let's create magic together.


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