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Venison Gyros

As crazy as life seems to be for everyone these days, there's a major buzz phrase that just seems to be floating all around... meal prep, healthy meal prep and don't forget meal prep Sunday!  By doing this, you'll save time by having healthy meals prepared for yourself and family ahead of time and keep the week moving smoothly and stress free when it comes to meals.  

It's supposed to make things LESS stressful, right?  Not for me!

I don't know about you, but meal-prepping stresses me right out. Carving out 5 hours on Sunday each week?  I can think of a million and six other things I would do than prepare food that ends up in the microwave, tasting half as good as it does fresh on one of my two days of freedom.  (Prepping ingredients is another story, but I'll save that for another post.)  Sure there are some days that it may be enjoyable, but I like to save the weekends for the fun stuff!

What I've found that works best for my family and I, is having quick access to healthy ingredients on hand that can be combined quickly to make a nutritious meal in less time than it would take to make a good ole box of mac n' cheese.  This week was one of "those weeks." There were just so many things going on, the work days were long and the sleep was minimal.

 What is a quick, healthy meal we could have that would be satisfying AND delicious?  

Venison Gyros!!!

Even with what may have looked like an absolute bare fridge and cupboard, (MOMMMM there's NOTHING to eat!!!) we were able to pull together a couple healthy ingredients we had on hand to combine into these delicious gyros.

100 calorie FoldIt Artisian Flatbreads (fancy pants term for mini pita-ish type bread)(

     *Can be used for PB&J, scrambled egg sandwiches, or the kids just eat them plain too! 

Organic Tzatziki Greek Style Yogurt Dip (healthier version of Tzatizki sauce found at a big ole tub! :) 

     *I like to use this on lots of things; dip for veggies, pita chips, on top of baked                                potatoes or sweet potatoes, on bun-less's just nice to have on hand!

A can of organic diced tomatoes and onions (also found at Costco) 

     *I also buy these by the case and always have these on hand for quick salsas, toppings, chili and soups

Chopped lettuce

Venison strips (harvested by our family of course!) quickly seared in heated olive oil, garlic, himalayan salt and pepper.  You could also use lamb the traditional gyro meat in place of this, or even thin cut beef or flank steak strips for this, or even tofu if you're a vegetarian.

That's IT!

All you need to do is put the ingredients together and you have a healthy and balanced meal for your family.  What's nice about doing meals this way is that everyone can build their own and leave out what they may not like.  I struggle with more "recipe" type meals because I LOVE lots of flavors, seasonings, vegetables and all things spicy but the kids, well, the kids lets say DO NOT like all of the above.  

This way works well, because I may be cutting carbs and leave the pita out for more of a Gyro salad, my husband might add extra meat and an extra gyro or two, while the kids may leave out the tomatoes and onions.  

Everyone is happy, healthy, and you my friend, are hopefully stress free!

If you're anti-meal prep as well, reach out and lets chat if you're hard pressed ideas...I'm always throwing random things together for last minute meals!

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