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Stress Less and Smile More

Are you feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Under appreciated? TIRRRRED? Stressed out? Bloated?

Riding the struggle bus up and down the bumpy road of every day life?


I've been there.

It sucks.

Super sucks.

You guys may have heard me talk about these online health and fitness "challenge groups" for the last few years that I run. They were pretty cool. We've focused on nutrition, and finding a fitness program that works best for someone. We check in with our workouts and nutrition and everything is great.

BUT...not really.

I've really been reflecting these last couple months because I've seen people still fall off their goal wagon OVER and OVER again.

Giving up.

Feeling like a failure.

Committing to a program, and then I don't hear from them after 2 months, or 2 weeks, sometimes two days.

Ready to "start over" again each year.

Hitting their goal, then ended up getting back to where they started.

And I ask myself WHY?

They had exactly what they needed, right?

Then I started to ask myself the question of what happens when in my journey when I get stuck in that place.

So I took the next step and asked other people their honest feedback of what makes them struggle.

You know the main things I heard of why people fall off their journey?

It's not their exercise program or nutrition.

That wasn't mentioned ONCE, actually.

It's life. Life happens.

It's stress.

It's a busy schedule and not knowing how to properly manage time and stick to it.

It's relationship struggles.

It's financial burdens and stress.

It's not feeling like they DESERVE it. (💔)

It's being AFRAID of reaching their goal, because they've only known the way they are now.

It's being worried about letting people down.

It's feeling guilty for taking time to yourself.

It's worrying that friends won't talk to you anymore when you don't go out for pizza and beer night.

It's worrying that people are judging you.

It's feeling selfish for spending money or time on yourself when your family needs both of those.

I was surprised at the things I was hearing, but then again I really wasn't.

This is where the compound effect I always talk about starts to happen...

It's ALL of the above, not just one of these things usually...

Which many times leads to stress of feeling like a failure again, which leads to emotional eating or binging, leading to feeling like a failure, which leads to guilt, which leads to more stress, which causes relationship quarrels, which leads to retail therapy, which leads to more financial issues, leading to more stress, and more guilt...

That's when I began to realize that I need to do something MORE. Something that isn't a 21 day challenge.

But something that can change someone's LIFE.

It's so much more than a workout program and nutrition. I'm seeing that clearly now.

It's fueling your body with proper nutrients.

It's moving your body daily.

It's learning to love yourself.

It's learning to love others.

Letting go of fear, judgement, jealousy, envy.

Figuring it how to manage finances.

Ways to communicate with your spouse or in relationships in general better.

It's beginning to take care of your body because you LOVE it, not because you hate it.

It's learning techniques of how to manage stress in ways that won't bring you more stress.

It's finding peace inside.

It's not only nourishing your body, it's nourishing your mind.

It's finding a tribe that gets you and is on this mission to get better right along side of you. 🏹

This is a crazy long post...

So If you've gotten this far, you might be just like me. Someone that's struggled with all of these things, and might be looking for a way to shift out of this roller coaster of stress and guilt. Someone who is ready to live a life you love.

There's an exciting journey ahead, and I want you to be part of it...because you deserve to stress less and smile more. 💖

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