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Staying Healthy on the Go & Thai Chicken Salad Recipe

A question I get asked a lot is "How do you stay healthy while being on the road so much?" and to be honest, I tend to eat healthier on the road than I do at home. As I really started to think about that question though, I began to ask myself WHY and how as well. I mean, I see people that I work with that are feeling tired and they're packing on the pounds from drive-through lunches day after day. It's easy to swing through McDonald's and get a value meal with a large soda and what do many of us love? Convenience.

The thing is, their schedule and lifestyle isn't any different that mine...but the difference we DO have are the choices we make on the daily. There are convenient healthy options all over the place that don't take any additional time or energy, but what does matter is the CHOICE. Some people use being busy as an excuse to eat garbage, when in reality the healthier option is just as easy. There are numerous fast food joints that are becoming aware of the rise of health-focused individuals. It's becoming easier and easier now days to go to a restaurant that has healthy options for you. And when the healthy options are there, you just need to make that choice.

One thing that I have always done since I started traveling is trying to stay away from the chains and fast food restaurants as much as I can and finding the cool, local places to eat. It's easy to just consume without even thinking when you're grabbing on the go, so I make an effort for at least half of my lunches each week to find a local restaurant that isn't a chain, and sit down and actually eat lunch, focusing on the lunch instead of trying to eat and drive and multi-task. Sure, I usually use this time as a way to get caught up on my computer work as well, but it's generally a slower pace of eating so I can really tell when I'm full, and it's fun to see all of the different menu items and what the local establishments come up with.

I like to use this app called DOSH that allows you to just search the location you are at and it will find local restaurants, coffee shops etc. for you. The menus are on available to see on the app so you can tell already what healthy options you may have, and you also earn a percentage back from your purchase. It's been a life saver for me on the road!

I mean, check out this yummy Thai Chicken Salad I had on the go... If you think healthy can't be delicious, I think you're a bit crazy ;)

Deconstructed Thai Chicken Salad to make at home:

- Mixed Greens

- Napa Cabbage

- Carrots

- Radishes

- Edamame

- Cilantro

- Mint ( I know, crazy...but it was fantastic!)

Dressing was blended:

Peanuts, Liquid Aminos (tastes like soy sauce) & Chili Oil

Now I get it you guys, it's not easy to always make healthy choices...I don't always either! But don't let things like travel, limited choices, cost, etc deter you from making the right healthy decisions. That's all they are really. Let go of excuses. It doesn't matter of if you're home or a million miles away...the choice is yours on what you consume. Consistency is key.

Oh, and don't forget to sweat at least once a's good for your soul and your booty! ;)

It's up to YOU to take hold of your life,


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