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Road to World's Toughest Mudder 2018- Beginning of my TransPhormation

Today marks the beginning of a new twist on my health and fitness super highway. A new workout and supplement program, a fresh start, and getting myself prepared for the best Tough Mudder season ever in 2018. To be honest, these last couple months I've been in a training and nutrition SLUMP. Mondo sloth mode. I'd say this last year actually. I was constantly feeling bored, losing motivation, and just struggling to keep at it. I've been strictly doing in-home workouts for about 4.5 years now because they are what worked best with my busy, on-the-go, all over the place schedule. Those programs WORK. Hands down. If you do them, they can transform your body and your mental mindset. If you put the work in, you can create the change you are looking to find. But let me repeat that phrase above, just in case you might be confused-- if you put the work in. That's where I was lacking. I wasn't putting in my best effort, on the days that I was putting in any effort at all. You have to put the work in to succeed at anything.

Every few weeks I would recommit to a new program, thinking that I just needed to change it up. But after a week or two, even after a couple days for some of the programs I would slowly drop off and quit, looking for something else. My mind kept drifting during the workouts, and I didn't have the focus that I once had. So, I started to pop into a few different gyms here and there around town and while I was on the road, but the one that felt like "home" to me was the good ole' YMCA.

It's where I used to spend every night, and many very early mornings for quite a few years. I went to check it out and it just felt good right off the bat, so I signed up the family and I. That's when reality hit...OMG I haven't been in a gym in years where the heck do I even start?!

That's when I stumbled upon a program through a company called 1st Phorm. I shouldn't say stumbled upon, that's far from the truth. It's actually a company I was introduced to by a friend over a year ago I would say. Then they slowly started popping up in my IG feed and in random places and stories that were seemingly (not) coincidental. I tried the pre-workout at a friend's house and had the best run since I could remember, and tried a few of the other products on and off after that. I loved them and could feel an obvious difference from other brands, but I was on overstock of so many other products I've purchased throughout the years so I hesitated on ordering.

Well, I think the universe always has your back, and this week when I was thinking about finding a program for the gym (instead of just aimlessly wandering around and doing my favorite machines every day) there was a pop-up for the Transphormation Challenge. As I dug into the details of this, I thought it might just be the perfect kick start to shake things up and get me back on the right track to where I want to be. I took an assessment of my goals, a bio of myself and current fitness state, I began to feel focus and excitement coming back. And there is was...a PLAN for the gym. Call me crazy but my eyes lit up because that's exactly what I was looking for.

My day 1 before pictures were taken, and my favorite day kicked it off-- REST DAY.

Haha, I kid, I kid. ;)

But really, it was.

Rest day.

So, after work I just did a light kickboxing class with my BFF, and followed Day 1 of my meal plan with all of the yummy food I prepped on Sunday. Feeling fantastic which is odd for a Monday, isn't it?

More to come on this all, but I just wanted to share the start of something new with all of you as I will be sharing my thoughts and progress along this journey. #mytransphormationstartstoday

Take hold of your health and happiness,


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