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10 Month Transformation & Wellness Goals Post-Pregnancy

Everyone’s out there posting their #10yearchallenge so instead I thought I’d post my #10monthchallenge of too many burritos instead. Just kidding, y'all know we have a beautiful baby girl growing in that big ole Homer Simpson belly! Even though this pregnancy surly has been a rough road, I’ve been taking it all in and mentally feel extremely relaxed--I’m actually excited for post pregnancy just to see the changes. I think the female body is an incredible, downright fascinating thing, and I’m in awe of what it’s capable of. One thing I’ve noticed is I’m not so worried about the aesthetic “gotta get my body back” thoughts that I had with Sierra and I know many, many, maaaany other pregnant and post pregnancy women are thinking. I’m more excited about how my body has changed, and what it’ll be able to ACCOMPLISH from here.

My focus is, and always has been, being a positive role model for my daughter, and now there will be two of them with their little eyes and ears always learning. Recognizing that they learn through what they see and hear, body positivity is SO important especially in the world we are living in today. I want them to know they are CAPABLE of accomplishing anything they set their minds to, and that there is a full world of adventure and experiences out there to explore, but we need to take care of our bodies to give us a vessel to fully LIVE. It's not about having a "bikini body"...I mean the reality is if you have a body and you put a bikini on, BOOM! Instant bikini body! But really, for me it's about being confident in your own skin and owning that shit. I love to workout and fuel my body so I can do things. That's the same mentality I want to pass on to my girls.

In reality, yes, these past 9 months I’ve been going absolutely stir crazy and miss my boyfriend Shaun T, runs, rollerblading, hikes and bikes outside, burpees (omg did I just say I MISS those?!) so I’m excited to get back on track for health and fitness purposes and see what this body does and how it’s changed, and how it’ll change moving forward. Going into this pregnancy I had all of those beautiful thoughts of a "fit pregnancy" and to continue working out everyday, eating only clean, nourishing foods only and continuing to live life actively throughout the entire time. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. If I only knew what I was in-store for. This pregnancy has been ROUGH. Throwing up every. single. day. the entire time, and in this last month it's increased to multiple times a day. Still working full-time I've spent the majority of my time on that and home with my family, just trying to take care of myself but physically and mentally I've been too exhausted to do much else. So there's been no sweaty selfies, healthy recipes, outdoor adventures, runs with the dogs, all the things I love posting about are non-existent. So unless you want pictures of me in the recliner or throwing up, I've had no tips motivation to give so I thought I'd take a social media break for a while (you're welcome). But once I realized that's how my body was going to be for a few months, I just mentally stepped back and became ok with it. Remember there's only certain things you can control, and this is just a phase that I had to step back and let life happen for a while.

Being only 1.5 weeks away from my official due date (January 30th), I'm looking forward to what's ahead post-pregnancy and will be back on the saddle documenting my journey for all of you so stay tuned ;). Over the last few years it's been a winding road of different types of transformation goals I've shared from staying healthy as a corporate road-warrior, hotel workouts, Lyme Disease recovery to Tough Mudder training, and now, next up on the list is post-baby, healthy momma transformation! A few things on the horizon I'll be training for are the US Canine Biathlon down in Alabama in May with my furry training partner Tailer, along with another year ahead as a Tough Mudder Ambassador so I'll be working hard to get ready for a few of those events this year as well.

A few ways I plan to get there? Well, at the beginning just walking or doing what my body allows me to do post delivery until I'm cleared to do all the things. Then, it's using the support of my ladies in the Inner Circle and making sure to MOVE each and every day. So it'll be a combination of my favorite Max:30 workout, running with the jogging stroller, training obstacles with Tailer, the Tough Mudder T-30 training group, hitting the weights at the gym, hikes in the hills, kayaking and swimming, hot yoga, shooting our bows, Train to Hunt challenges...aka all the things. I'm going to do something every single day that makes me break a sweat and gets my heart rate up. Combining that with wholesome, nutritious food & supplements and I'm confident I'll get to where I want to be physically and mentally.

Whatever stage you're at in life- if you want to jump in and join me/us I'm a firm believer as women that we can do so much more together!

Information about some of the things:

The Inner Circle- Totally free online Facebook group of the raddest women around. Join us.

US Canine Biathlon- Never done this before but excited to try and welcoming new teammates of course!

Tough Mudder- One of my favorite ways to get comfortable being uncomfortable. If you've never done one before, just do it- Use the code BRAND1318 for 30% off registration.

Train to Hunt- Also something I've never done but excited to try this year!

2019 will be a year of living by my favorite mentality... Just Fcking Do it. #JFDI

Thanks everyone for your support on this journey and more to come!


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