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Natural Water Flavor Enhancer

We hear it time and time again. You should drink more water.  Water will make you feel better. Drink 8 glasses a day. Drink half your body weight. Yada Yada Yada WE GET IT.

Water is good for you and we need to drink a lot of it to have our bodies function effectively and efficiently.



We all know and understand that. But what happens when you get bored with it? If you’re anything like me, I love the taste of soda, and lemondade (the kid friendly version on its own or in cocktails in the summma summma summma time! ) and have cravings for them more often than not.

I get bored with plain water.  

The problem is, trying to eliminate artificial sugars and sweeteners and soda from your diet all together can put a halt on giving in to these cravings.  Crystal light brings me back to my days of calorie counting and thinking that “just because it’s 5 calories it’s gotta be good for you!” Well, my eyes opened up and the 5 calorie chemical shit storm isn’t something I want to be putting into my body everyday.

I enjoy flavoring water with fresh fruit- lemon, watermelon, mint, cucumbers etc., but it still doesn’t give me that extra sweet treat that I’m looking for sometimes. Well, for all of us former crystal light lovers out there, there is finally an alternative!

It’s called True Lemon, and it’s finally an instant drink mix made with natural ingredients.  

No artificial ingredients or preservatives.  

They use stevia as a sweetener, and beet juice as a colorant instead of dyes.


This is a perfect alternative for the summer.  Might just add a little Tito's sometimes...shhh! ;) 

Take hold of your life,


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