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Into the Fog

“Spend 20 minutes a day in nature, if you don’t have time spend an hour.“

The air is cool and heavy, each breath awakening my lungs. There’s an underlying warmth in the air freeing the ice from the trees, dripping slowly to the creek below. The water trickling over the rocks and grass, loosening and cracking the thin layer of ice coating the surface.

Soft rain drops refreshing my face, the song of soft coos and giggles as the stroller wheels flow swiftly across the pavement, the faint panting of the 3 girls ahead.

To be able to see everyday life for the first time through the eyes of a child. The everyday life we so often take for granted, or even cuss at times. Can the weather ever be wrong, or bad? Find the beauty. The purity of our everyday surroundings. It‘s there if you allow it to be.

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