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Breakfast Fuel Ideas

These last couple months I've gotten into a bad habit of skipping breakfast.  I was dabbling with intermittent fasting (eating everything in an 8 hour window then a 16 hour fast) and my body just got used to it and I stopped being hungry in the morning.  I've been grabbing coffee and running out the door, and haven't really been eating anything until around noon or so. Now that I've started back up on a Tough Mudder fitness program with morning workouts, breakfast is back baby! YESSSSS. Thank the Lord too because breakfast foods (and tacos...duh) are my favorite foods of the day. I smell bacon, don't you?

I'm not huge on making elaborate recipes mainly because of the lack of extra time (...what even is that?).  I love to cook don't get me wrong, but during the week it's tough I tell ya! 

Here are some quick breakfast ideas that I made this week before sitting down to tackle my miracle morning routine.

Protein Oats- Two variations here and they're both excellent pre-workout fuel meals. #proats

Apple Cinnamon Protein Oats

1/2 C. Rolled Oats (prepare with water as directed)

1 Scoop or Packet Vanilla Protein Powder

1 Small Green Apple, Chopped

Chopped nuts of choice

Top with Cinnamon and a SMALL drizzle of honey

*Note- I like to pre-cook the oatmeal before adding the protein, but you can do it either way

I like to add additional water after the oatmeal is done so you can easily stir in the protein powder without it getting too thick.  Adding the apples in after keeps them cool and crunchy, but you can also add the apples and cinnamon before cooking if you would like them softer and warm (like apple pie!)

Vanilla Raspberry Protein Oats 

Same recipe as above, but with different toppings. I thought slivered almonds would have been great on this, but we didn't have any...darn!

1/2 C. Rolled Oats (prepare with water as directed)

1 Scoop or Packet Vanilla Protein Powder

1 C. Fresh Raspberries

Top with Cinnamon and a SMALL drizzle of honey

I was extra hungry one morning and devoured the raspberry oats with a side of eggs and spinach.  That's a super healthy, easy, and delicious addition: 

Spinach Salsa Eggs 

3 Cups of Fresh Spinach (yes, THREE) cooks WAY down

2 Eggs

1 tsp of coconut oil

Top with Himalayan Salt, Red Pepper Flakes and Salsa

Warm pan. Add coconut oil. Add Spinach until cooked through.  Add eggs.  Stir Together. Eat.

Fourth, is kinda my favorite "sex with your pants on" option.  If your eyebrow is up and your face is twisted right now and you have no idea why I'm talking about SWYPO, it's a Whole30 term you can learn about here .

Yes, I currently AM eating as clean and whole foods as possible right now, but I'm not actually doing the Whole30 so I think that having sex with your pants on is completely ok. 

It really IS just eggs and a banana after all.  Are we still talking about food here? 


Banana Pancakes 

2 Eggs

1 Banana (Save a couple extra chunks to top it with)

1 tsp Coconut Oil

Chopped Walnuts

Mash banana thoroughly. Beat in Eggs.  Add cinnamon's yummy I promise.

Warm the coconut oil in a pan, pour out mix just like regular pancakes.  I don't recommend going any larger than 3-4 inches in diameter or they're impossible to flip and you'll end up with a runny eggy mess pile of not cute bananacakes.  Make sure to use the coconut oil too. It adds a slight sweetness, and I haven't found a pan that they don't stick to otherwise.

Top with leftover banana slices, walnuts and more cinnamon.  

Now you've got banana pancakes just like Jack Johnson.